Davies' last clear allusion to the Doctor's romantic capacity occurs at the beginning of his last episode as showrunner, "The End of Time". This is explained in dialogue as an instability in the timeline, which causes the War and Tenth Doctors to forget their meeting, thus maintaining the continuity in which the Doctors from the War Doctor onwards believe themselves to have destroyed Gallifrey. The revived programme establishes that Time Lords invent their own names. "The Christmas Invasion" would have alluded to this, but the line was cut. In "A Christmas Carol", the Eleventh Doctor finds himself accidentally engaged to film star Marilyn Monroe during a visit to 1950s Hollywood. Additionally, the Eleventh Doctor encountered an artificial (though physically and mentally identical) copy of himself in "The Almost People"; fought against "Mister Clever", an artificial personality generated out of his own by the Cybermen in "Nightmare in Silver"; and was pitted against "The Dream Lord", a manifestation of his self-loathing and anger, in "Amy's Choice". [16] By the time the Doctor did cite his age ("Let me see, in human terms, 400, yes, 450 years" in the serial The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967); he kept a 500-year diary), he had already regenerated to a younger form. He is an excellent cricket player (Black Orchid) and in "The Lodger" he proves to be a prodigiously talented footballer despite unfamiliarity with some of the game's basic rules. [56] He maintains "Bow ties are cool" even when his companions do not agree, and is delighted to meet Dr Black, the first man who agrees with him, in the episode "Vincent and the Doctor" (2010). Starting in the second half of series 7, the Eleventh Doctor reverted to wearing a frock coat, similar to those worn by his predecessors, with a waistcoat and black trousers, black braces, an off-white shirt, bow tie and brown boots. Le migliori offerte per Doctor Who Custom Figura HEAD modellare-THETA Sigma Primo Dottore sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! Martha eventually quits as the Doctor's full-time companion in the series finale "Last of the Time Lords" because she is in love with the Doctor and he seems unable or unwilling to reciprocate; she received similar commiseration from Jack Harkness, who is also infatuated with him, in "The Sound of Drums". Doctor Who spin-off media have suggested that the character uses the name "the Doctor" because his actual name is impossible for humans to pronounce. In "The End of Time" (2009–2010) it is mentioned that after he smote a demon in the 13th century, the residents of a convent called the Doctor the "sainted physician". As always, we have Theta’s Thoughts, the press review & of course your feedback! Continuity has since established that one of his allotted regenerations was indeed used up for this transition. In her 2010 appearances, River continues to hint at a relationship with the Doctor in her relative past and his relative future. Before that, the only references to past incarnations (from 1963 to 1996) have been in the aforementioned episode "School Reunion" (in which the Doctor acknowledges having regenerated "half a dozen times" since last seeing Sarah Jane) and in drawings that the Doctor (who has temporarily become human to hide from the Family Of Blood) makes based on dreams of his other life in the 2007 episode "Human Nature". Always." In it, he tries to reconcile the continuity errors of the 1996 movie, while having the Eighth Doctor meet and interact with each of his previous selves, although the Eighth Doctor visited each incarnation one at a time rather than all eight of them appearing in the same place. [citation needed] The Time War happened between the 1996 television movie and 2005 opening episode "Rose" according to the show's internal chronology, although the events of past serials such as Genesis of the Daleks have been retroactively attributed to the Time War. The-doctor Theta-sigma is on Facebook. The definite article, you might say." He had no idea what insult had just been delivered. The Child was taken to Gallifrey, where their regenerative ability was spliced into the indigenous race to create the Time Lords. In the 2005 series, the Ninth Doctor's age is stated in publicity materials as 900 years,[71] and in "Aliens of London", he says, "Nine hundred years of time and space, and I've never been slapped by someone's mother." She was also the central character in a three-issue comic book series published by Comeuppance Comics in 2003. The Doctor A.K.A. [73], In the following episode, "Deep Breath" (2014), the Twelfth Doctor states that he is over 2,000 years old. In the 2006 episode "School Reunion", the Tenth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith both seem to indicate in dialogue that they haven't seen each other since her departure from the TARDIS in The Hand of Fear, although this contradicts their having met later during The Five Doctors. At the age of eight, he looked into the untempered schism. Foreman". An adventurous scientist, the Doctor usually solves problems with his wits rather than with force. [43] In addition to the above-listed actors, others have played versions of the Doctor for the duration of particular storylines. In Remembrance of the Daleks, the Seventh Doctor produces a calling card with a series of pseudo-Greek letters inscribed on it (as well as a stylised question mark). In The Mutants (1972) an official asks the Third Doctor if he is, in fact, a doctor, to which the Doctor replies "I am, yes"; when asked what he is qualified in, the Doctor replies, "Practically everything." [87] In Book Two, the Doctor explains that he has become interested in romance and the idea of being close to someone in his current body, but that he is reluctant to explore these feelings with his companions because of the emotional baggage a relationship with him would bring. Now I'm neither. The Second Doctor (Troughton), was the only Doctor whose regeneration was due to nothing more than a need to change his appearance. Each regeneration to date has been worked into the continuing story, and most regenerations (minus the Second-to-Third) have been portrayed on-screen, in a handing over of the role. Tags. The Virgin New Adventure Zamper establishes that the Chelonians refer to him as "Interfering Idiot". The transition to each succeeding actor is explained within the show's narrative through the plot device of "regeneration", a biological function of the Time Lord race that allows a change of cellular structure and appearance with recovery following a potentially fatal injury. In that story, she does not appear to realise that the Fifth Doctor is a later incarnation of the third and fourth Doctors with whom she had previously travelled. In the novel Sometime Never..., she returned to the Doctor with her daughter Zezanne. Theta Sigma - Time Lord of Gallifrey Doctor Who Fiction, Doctor Who Fan Fiction, Theta Sigma Theta Sigma, Unique Doctor Who Fiction - the Story of what The Doctor did before he was The Doctor, when he was a teenage Time Lord taking his gap decade from The Prydonian Academy, exploring the universe, making new friends. A number of other actors have played the character in stage and audio plays, as well as in various film and television productions. In his first appearance in "Rose" (2005), the Doctor looked in a mirror and commented on the size of his ears, suggesting that the regeneration may have happened shortly prior to the episode, or that he has not examined his reflection recently. The only other time this occurs is in the title of episode five of The Chase, which is titled "The Death of Doctor Who". Davros uses the title "Destroyer of Worlds" to describe the Doctor in "Journey's End" (2008). Each week Theta takes a journey through the Whoniverse, working his way through New Who in The New Who Review and And Classic Who in the (wait for it...you're gonna love this...) Classic Who Review ! In the Virgin New Adventures, the Seventh Doctor is shown briefly interacting with a man who may be the Third Doctor in the Sherlock Holmes crossover novel All-Consuming Fire, but the scene is narrated from the perspective of Dr. Watson and thus the other man is never expressly identified. Growing up, his father wanted him to be a soldier, with only his brother Brax and unknown nurse understanding he didn't want that. Often the Doctor is critical of others who employ deadly force, be they their companions (Leela in The Face of Evil and Talons of Weng-Chiang (1977); Jack Harkness in "Utopia" (2007)) or other supporting characters. Amongst the works of spin-off prose fiction, in the Fourth Doctor comic "The Time Witch", after the Doctor and Sharon cross through the split in time which ages them four years, the Doctor says "I shall still think of myself as 743 ... or was it 730, I never can remember...". A Timelord from Gallifrey!! In "The Time of the Doctor" (2013), it is revealed that the Doctor, in an unspecified prior incarnation to the Eleventh, engaged in a romance with a woman named Tasha Lem. This relationship, including the marriage and the "mistake" which led to it (a case of mistaken identity involving a Zygon commander in 1562), eventually unfolds on screen in "The Day of the Doctor". In "The Girl In The Fireplace", Madame de Pompadour, who psychically linked with his memories, claimed that the Doctor experienced a very lonely childhood. According to The Doctor, when regarding the effects of the initiation on participants: 'Some are inspired, some go mad (as he suggests happened to his nemesis, the Master) and some run away." He has no clue. Doctor Who Expanded is a FANDOM TV Community. However The Doctor has a natural ability to regenerate an infinite number of times. In "The Day of the Doctor", Hurt appears in a "multi-Doctor" special alongside Matt Smith and David Tennant as the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors, respectively. In talking with Harry in Robot (1974–1975) the Doctor states "You may be a doctor, but I'm the Doctor. John Hurt plays a mysterious past incarnation of the Doctor in the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor", with minor roles in "The Name of the Doctor" and mini-episode "The Night of the Doctor", created as a "mayfly Doctor" by Steven Moffat. Three of these are initiated by Time Lords: one forced on him before banishment to Earth (The War Games), one requiring a Time Lord to give the Doctor's cells a "little push" to start the process (Planet of the Spiders), and one needing the Watcher – which the Doctor's travelling companions believed to be some version of the Doctor himself (Logopolis). The concluding chapter of The Dying Days, an Eighth Doctor novel by Lance Parkin, strongly implies intimacy occurring between the Doctor and Bernice Summerfield. Never give in. The Sixth Doctor experienced extreme paranoia and flew into a murderous rage, nearly killing his companion (The Twin Dilemma). The First Doctor did flirt with – and was accidentally engaged to – the character Cameca in The Aztecs (1964). In the next episode, "The Time of the Doctor", the Doctor spends centuries defending the planet Trenzalore. The Master ignored him. They were seen when the Fourth Doctor had a mind battle with Morbius, his other incarnations appearing, from before his first incarnation (which was played by William Hartnell). As a time traveller, the Doctor has been present at, or directly involved in, countless major historical events on the planet Earth and elsewhere – sometimes more than once. So, put your headphones on the right way around and make a wish, as you listen to Theta Sigma’s Christmas Doctor Who Podcast ! In the 1996 film Doctor Who, the Doctor states he is "half-human, on [his] mother's side". Like many other alien species in the programme, the Doctor is able to sense when their own species is within proximity through an inherent telepathic connection. Each shows flashes of jealousy when the other flirts with other characters. May 16, 2020. This episode substantially retconned the Doctor's history, as they had previously been said to be a high-born Time Lord whose incarnation played by William Hartnell in the show was born on Gallifrey. In "The Unicorn and the Wasp" (2008) he was able to sense the changes in his body's enzymes (i.e. However, both of them later recognise that the War Doctor followed what seemed to be the only course open to him, and are even willing to help him carry it out so that he won't have to suffer the guilt alone. The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors are generally amicable towards each other, despite bickering,[67] although the War Doctor treats them both as behaving too childishly. Later in the same scene she mentions that her favourite grandmother, Granny 5, alleged Granny 2 was "a secret agent for the Zygons". In an interview with The Age in 2003, Tom Baker mentioned that the Doctor is called so because he is "a doctor of time and relative dimension in space". Foreman". Considering his father's words, Thete hacks into UNIT files, determined to learn who he is. However, writer Steven Moffat has said, "He's lying. The Tenth Doctor claims to have married "Good Queen Bess, and let me tell you, her nickname is no longer... (clears throat)", a reference to Elizabeth I of England's nickname "The Virgin Queen". Two different, conflicting accounts exist on the descendants of Susan after leaving the Doctor. However, Thete began to die so Ulysses used a loom to fill in the gabs in his DNA structure. Browse through and read or take theta sigma stories, quizzes, and other creations . Theta also reviews the odd Big Finish adventure and of course each episode of Brand New Doctor Who as it's broadcast. Contact the show on TSDWP@hotmail.com or tweet the show @thetawho. "[85] In a media roundtable interview at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Capaldi went further, saying the two were romantically involved, just not in the traditional sense, "It's romantic in the old sense. Tecteun adopted her as her own and discovered that the Child had a capacity to regenerate her body indefinitely. The Eighth Doctor comments at one point in the television movie that the anaesthesia interfered with the regenerative process, and that he had been "dead too long", accounting for his initial amnesia. In addition, there are ways of killing a Time Lord that do not permit regeneration; for example, more than once it has been implied that stopping both the Doctor's hearts simultaneously would accomplish this (as demonstrated in the Eleventh Doctor story "The Impossible Astronaut"). Before permanently dying, a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times for a total of thirteen incarnations. Unlike his friend Koschei, Thete ran away after looking inside. [citation needed] The Doctor also expresses dismay at having his companions age while he regenerates. Other skills include his mental communication with other Time Lords, in some cases over a galaxy's distance. At the beginning of the 1996 television movie, the Seventh Doctor was shown to have a 900-year diary in his TARDIS. I'm the Doctor, the oncoming storm... and you basically meant beat them in a football match, didn't you?". The Virgin New Adventures novel Lungbarrow presents an alternative take on the Doctor's origins, suggesting that Time Lords are "loomed" in large batches of "cousins" and not produced via sexual reproduction. "Koschei." According to this, he was a member of an organisation called the Deca, ten brilliant Academy students campaigning for increased Time Lord intervention, alongside Mortimus (the Meddling Monk), Ushas (the Rani), Koschei (the Master), Magnus (the War Chief), Drax, a spy named Vansell, Millennia, Rallon and Jelpax. The marriage, which is referred to as "a mistake", explained Queen Elizabeth's reaction to seeing the Tenth Doctor in an earlier episode, "The Shakespeare Code". In the Virgin novel Death and Diplomacy, by Dave Stone, the Seventh Doctor implies that he intentionally creates an image of asexuality to keep things simple. The Master was utilising Latin translation in the same serial, posing as "Mr Magister". In "Twice Upon a Time", before regeneration the Twelfth Doctor states that no one would ever understand his name except for children saying ‘if their hearts are in the right place and the stars are too, children can hear your name.' Hello & welcome to episode 310 of the TSDWP ! The Second, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors routinely carried numerous items in their coats without this being conspicuous. By the time of The Brain of Morbius, the Fourth Doctor was stated to be 749 years old[70] ("something like 750 years" in the prior Pyramids of Mars). The classic programme refers to his time at the Academy and his affiliation with the notoriously devious Prydonian chapter of Time Lords. [17], When Hartnell left the programme after three years due to ill health, the role was handed over to character actor Patrick Troughton. Subsequently, in the 2008 series, the Doctor's friendship with Donna Noble is strengthened, after the infatuations with Martha and Rose, by the knowledge that she has no romantic interest in him whatsoever. Lungbarrow portrays the Doctor as being one of 45 cousins grown from his house's genetic loom as an adult. He implied that in his previous form, he had come to see himself as Clara's "boyfriend" in an attempt to avoid confronting his extreme age and alien nature. Despite this, he does come to admire both of his future incarnations, working together with them and eventually choosing to go through with the act of destroying Gallifrey because he knows it will help them become what they are. The Doctor has withstood, with minimal damage, exposure to electricity deadly enough to kill a human (Terror of the Zygons, Genesis of the Daleks, "Aliens of London", "The Christmas Invasion", "The Idiot's Lantern", "Evolution of the Daleks" and spin-off audio Spare Parts). Writer Lawrence Miles has stated that he believes the Eighth Doctor has sex with I. M. Foreman between the events of his novels Interference – Book One and Interference – Book Two. In a 2001 poll conducted by Channel 4, the Doctor was ranked sixth on its list of the 100 Greatest TV Characters. [82] Initially it was reported that Peter Capaldi told tabloids there would be "no flirting" between him and Clara, likening such a potential relationship to Papa and Nicole, but the actor himself discarded that. [88][89] In July 2008, the character's enduring popularity led The Daily Telegraph to dub him "Britain's favourite alien". The 2011 mid-series finale "A Good Man Goes to War", also written by Moffat, suggested through the character of River Song that the Doctor's travels had influenced the etymology of the word "doctor", perverting its meaning on some worlds from "wise man" or "healer" to "great warrior". [53], In the Big Finish audio adventure The Sirens of Time, the captain aboard a German U-boat assumes that he is English because of the way he pronounces his words: "So, you speak German ... but you speak it like an English gentleman. It is implied in "The Timeless Children" that Martin's Doctor was a previous incarnation that had been erased from the Doctor's memory by the Division. Although this was part of a plot to get the TARDIS back, there was a hint of mutual attraction in Hartnell's performance (especially as he is ultimately unable to leave behind the love token she has given him). He became a commentator rather than a renegade Time Lord. The relationship ended when the Doctor was restored to normal, admitting to Joan that he knows that Smith was fond of her but unable to reciprocate those feelings himself. When River kisses the Doctor in "Day of the Moon", it becomes clear that whereas this is the Doctor's first kiss with her, it is to be her last with him and that she shall soon be heading to The Library where she dies. The Doctor is not present on Solomon the trader's database in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" and holds a conversation about his newfound anonymity in "The Angels Take Manhattan" with River Song. In the early serials The Edge of Destruction and The Sensorites, it appeared that the First Doctor had only a single heart. Fortunately, with influence from the Moment – a sentient Time Lord weapon that brought about their meeting – the three are able to stumble upon an alternative: sending Gallifrey into a pocket universe, making it seem as though it has been destroyed. The joke continues in "The Beast Below", featuring future British monarch Queen Elizabeth X or Liz Ten, and the marriage is finally shown in "The Day of the Doctor" during an adventure with Zygons. When addressed by Ian with this name, the Doctor responds, "Eh? https://dwexpanded.fandom.com/wiki/Theta_Sigma?oldid=39385. [citation needed] However, in "The Bells of Saint John" (2013), the Doctor says that he was "one thousand years old", whilst in "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" (2013) commenting that he had piloted the TARDIS "for over 900 years". The interactions that occur among the different groupings are unique and amazing. [46] The capacity for the Doctor to have other previously-unknown regenerations prior to the First Doctor was introduced in "The Timeless Children" (2020),[3] having previously been hinted at in the serial The Brain of Morbius.[47].